Does Dynamo can wait for a user input

I have an idea that can use Dynamo to implement a function that can run the first part script give the user a list let the user input something, then according to this input execute another script.


This is easily possible, do you maybe have a something visual so i know for what output you are waiting?
(Oh and β€œ== empty” and IF commandos should help.)


Look into the Datashapes UI++ nodes. :slight_smile:


Hi, Daan
I just have a few programming experiences (basic python).
Sorry I have not got your point.:slightly_smiling_face:
Anyhow thanks for your reply~~:blush:

Many thanks, JacobSmall. that is what I want.
Magical forum。:star_struck:~~~~~~~~~

Maybe also take a look at this: WaitFor multiple actions (apply view templates)
I had problems with the what runs first and what runs second but used some transaction nodes to solve it…

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I asked a similar question here:

Here is a same type question.

the below snapshot node : First step creat a new default 3D view. Second step set some parameters value of this new 3D view. I had run it that will aways creat a new 3D view after the node run finished.