Create project parameter not shared

Hi guys,

I want to create project parameters using dynamo but I need the parameters to be part of a key schedule so they cannot be shared parameters.

I have found two nodes one built-in and one from the orchid package.

They both say that they create document parameters but when I check the parameters they are identified as shared.

What am I missing here, is this simple thing not possible to achieve…

I have found similar threads talking about it but I cannot believe this is not possible to do.

Any ideas…

Revit will only allow programmatically creating parameters from an external definition, not an internal one. This means that unless there is a user action, all parameters are shared parameters which means no key schedule parameters. This has been the case for awhile now, and as far as I know continues to be this way.

You may be able to create what you need though other methods though. Look into the key schedule nodes in the Archi-lab package.

Thanks Jacob for looking into this.

The Archi-lab node helps feed data in a key schedule that already have the parameters so nothing really.

We are stuck with both facts Revit does not allow to programmaticaly create project parameters and Key schedules dont allow to use share parameters!!!

Ah, shucks - thought Lonrad May have had some black magic. Least it is a one time thing to create (you can transfer the key schedule view next time which brings the parameters with it).

Also, it won’t help today (or this Revit release) but check the roadmaps for this year as there is a relevant topic in there for you. Revit Public Roadmap Update - April 2020 - Revit

Fingers cross, hopefully we can see this functionality included in the next update!!!


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Has this issue being addressed in more recent Dynamos?

I am using the “Parameter.CreateProjectParameter” node and I cannot make anything but shared parameters…

Thank you

The Revit API only allows creation of shared parameters at this time.

if you are asking about keyschedule as orginal poster is in revit 2023 you can use shared parameter in key schedule though.