Add project parameter for Key Schedule

Hello everybody,
i try to create project paramter with dynamo for my key schedule (with archi-lab).

The parameters appear in project parameters like they should (e.g. Feld24 made in Dynamo).

they look exactly like the parameter that i need for my key schedule (e.g. Feld16 made in Revit).

But i can´t use the parameter in the key schedule
Bauteillisteneigenschaften Felder
Can somebody help me?

Check Parametertyp. You created new parameters as Gemeinsam genutzter Parameter but in Dynamo with Projectparameter node. I guess the error is there. Try to create new parameters with SharedParameter Node.

Hi Deniz,
thx for your answer.
You are right.
I created a Gemeinsam genutzter Parameter (german for SharedParameter).
But i want a ProjectParameter. Thats why i use the ProjectParameter Node and not the SharedParameter Node. Allthough Both Nodes got the groupName input.
What do i have to fill in groupName to get ProjectParameter instead of a SharedParameter?

Can you try that package?

i installed it.
But it is yellow when i try to create 8 parameter at the same time.

all parameters are created, but still SharedParameter.

and now they are available under projektinformation in key schedule
i still do something wrong?

Did you download Orchid package? On my screenhots there are 5 inputs but you have more.

Yes i did download the package.

it seems that “tooltip” and “vary” are new inputs…

Can you please try that one?

i tried, but i get warning…

Which Dynamo and Revit version do you use?


I don’t have Revit 2020 and Dynamo 2,3 but it seems like they had changed something there. After you type “RevitProject.Parameter.AddProjectParameter(” it will give you the variable to enter. I see that there are 2 Bools in 2020. Can you take a screenshot after you type RevitProject.Parameter.AddProjectParameter(

Enter that code block and connect the values

RevitProject.Parameter.AddProjectParameter(t1,type_Parameter, group_Parameter, "Felder - Analytische Knotten", par_instance, false, par_category);

no warning now, but it creats still a SharedParameter…

On my side is also like that… It is a bug, I guess. You might able to use them in Schedules now.

Yes, but i dont want to touch our SharedParameterFile.
Because our department members all use this file… and i wanna create sometime about 800 parameters for my keyschedule.
Allthough the parameter appears in property section in revit.

If you click “Manage>Shared Parameters” can you see these parameters there? I did not find them. Lastly you can search them in SharedParameter.txt files. I think you won’t find them because there is a bug about that edit parameter menu.

no i cant see them. Seems really to be a bug.
Do you think it don´t touch the SharedParameter.txt file?

Can you check in Dynamo Parameter.IsShared node?