Create Print Set from Revisions or Sheet Issue Date

I wanted to share a working definition with 2 methods to automate the creation of Print Sets.

  1. Create Print Set list from Sheet Parameters: Print Set includes all sheets with Sheet issue Date of X.

  2. Create Print Set list selected “Revisions On Sheet”: Print Set includes all sheets with a matching “last-revision”.


Feedback (new to dynamo!) for improvements are welcome.

The core of the definition uses snippets taken from the discussions below, primarily from Konrad, Timothy Logan.

Awesome little tool, but I ran into one small problem when running in Dynamo 9.0. It generates the sheet set, but doesn’t check the boxes for the corresponding sheets. On the validation panel in Dynamo it appears to be selecting the correct set of sheets, but not applying them to the list. Just wondering if I’m missing something. Thanks in advance. \

Ok, I must have screwed something up. It’s working perfectly.

Only improvement I can think of would be to allow a range if needed instead of value to match.

We use Text parameters to generate our sheet lists. X for issued, R for Review and B for Bid.

so I would need sets potentially. Just a thought. I’m really not good at this kind of thing, but and running this 3 times and printing is still easier than picking all the check boxes.


Hi David!

Sorry I didn’t see this earlier. The email notification doesn’t seem to be working…

So you were thinking the input would accept an entry like: " X. R. B" ; meaning, it would match sheets with any of the items in the provided set?

This there no way to Refresh a Print Set?

As that is the problem I am having

Spring nodes has you covered:

Just enable the overwrite option:

Hi Dimitar - I originally created that to be able to create SheetSets from SheetRevions…

Does Spring Nodes have anything to help with that? If not, maybe this can turn into a new Spring Nodes add ViewSet.BySheetRevision… : )

Sorry for the necro post. Is there a way to get the print set from any revision date instead of “last-revision”?