Create SheetSet (Print Set) from specified Revision

I had a user ask me if it was possible to create a SheetSet (Print Set) based on a specified Revision via Dynamo.

Anyone have any suggestions?




Hi Justin,

I actually made a script for that exact purpose.

Hope it works for you!

Create Sheetset (Community)

The Python code comes from this post:

<span class=“author-link”>Thanks for sharing Timothy Logan! </span>

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@Jesper Wallaert

Thanks so much for this. It’s exactly what I was hoping for.


Much appreciated.

Hey guys, script works nicely. Only problem I’m having is that if I want to update the sheet set, it doesn’t work. I assume because the script is trying to recreate the object? Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks

The other problem I’m having (maybe I’m not doing something right?) is that the python script doesn’t seem to accept lists. It seems it will only create one view/sheet set at a time.

Hi Jesper - Stumbled upon this & it works flawlessly.

Only question - Can we use this to create a Browser Organisation too?

Also, similar to other posts, how to delete the existing sheet set & add a new one the next time?


Thanks again

R. Chandrasekar.

Hi all,

I got the code from Timothy Logan. I don’t do Python myself jet.

Try write your solutions/whishes for improving the code in the post link below:


This code only do Sheetset. For creating a Browser Organisation I think you need a new code from the bottom up.