Create polygons from a list of intersecting points

I have two lists of points, and I would like to create list of polygons out of them.
I tried creating a surface for the exterior boundary and split it using curves along, but it didn’t work.
So my idea is to chop the list of points into 4 points sublists and create small polygons, boundaries…etc and create surfaces out of it.
Could you help please?

Polygons from points.dyn (42.2 KB)

Something similar to this

I’m not quite sure what you want to do at the corners, but perhaps this is a start? It uses PairItems from my Miscellany package but it could be done with standard nodes

Polygons from points.dyn (60.8 KB)


Thanks a lot @Thomas_Corrie, your solution is brilliant.
I used the node “Surface.Difference” to create a polysurface for the corners and then divided them.
I will have to work more on these corners to divide them in smaller polygons.

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Glad to have helped @a.halim
Nice idea with the surface difference to get the corners