How to create multiple polygons (mesh like surface) with list of coordinates (x,y,z)

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to create a mesh/FEM surface/multiple polygons, name it anything, with a list of available point coordinates (x,y,z).

I got these points from an analysis tool (SOFiSTiK). Need to recreate the FEM structure in dynamo.

I am new to dynamo and able to import points. But unable to connect them using polycurve as a closed polygon.

@kuladeep561 ,

i tested with regular points…

@ [Draxl_Andreas]

I can see that it has created a nurbsurface with available points.
But I need to connect the closest points and make a closed Polygon (Quadrant). When I use nurbcurv.byPoints it is connecting randomly but not making any quadrants (proper polygon).

My actual plan is to make polgonal mesh so that I can add few more properties to the polygon(quadrant) such as area, Reinforcement used in particular quad.

Hi @kuladeep561

1-first you need to cluster the point to group (all the point have the same plane Ex: slab and wall ). You can use RANSAC.
2- for each group draw outer line around the outside points by ignoring any points that would fall inside.
Alpha Shape proplem (Draw outer line around the outside point Cloud at the same plane by ignoring any points that would fall inside.)

Frankly speaking the soluion you have suggested is way beyond my understanding.

May be we could start with smaller solution.

Lests assume I have coordinates only for surface (cluster of one group), How to create a mesh of polygons?

What I am thinking is, if we sort out the coordinates and able to create polygons (Quadrants) using four cordinates (Most of the time Sifistik devides a surces in N number of small quadrants. You can see in the above picture) with intersecting other polygon`´s at vertices. Then we can recreate a surface with multiple polygons.

Correct me if my approach is wrong!!


Could you please help me!!

Not sure if there is an uncomplicated approach.

Would help others to attempt to explore solutions if you can post those coordinates.

it would be easier if this software could export the IndexGroups with the vertices

Sure I will provide excel.
results.xlsx (1.4 MB)

The Excel has two sheets.
Quads - Quadrants with node numbers
Nodes - Node numbers and their XYZ coordinates

I have managed to create the FEM mesh using points.
Point_To_Mesh_Kuladeep.dyn (47.8 KB)

The mesh I created is visible in Dynamo but not in Revit. Only points are visible but not mesh.
Anyone help me why it is not visible on the Revit 3D view?

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