Generate Surfaces from intersecting PolyCurve

Hi community,

I encountered a problem today that I need to solve, I’ve been thinking about it for hours, and did not find way to get through it.

I am generating via a graph and a rvt file a list of curves that I need to transform into Surfaces. Some curves generated this way have some trouble being converted to surfaces through the Surface.ByPatch node : some of the edges are intersecting each other… Here is a sample of such curves and the expected output (.dyn attached):

test.dyn (9.1 KB)

Does one of you, by any chance, know a node/custom node that might create those surfaces, even though the edges are intersecting (I do not care about the Polycurve itself) ? I don’t care on which type of element that node may work (points, curves…).

I already tested the GroupCurves node from archi-lab, but it is not working on that case :confused:

Thanks in advance for your time ! :slight_smile:


Hi @mellouze

Hi @Kulkul,

Thanks for your reply but your solution only works for this particular example :confused: For example, if we added an extra point to the list, it may not work properly.

I’m looking for a way to extract somehow all the surfaces defined by a Polycurve, even though there are two or more coincidental edges. The surfaces defined by such a Polycurve may be quare, rectangles, triangles, etc.