Creating floor plans and sheets


I’m trying to create new floor plans from some existing levels. I’ve seeing some trainings videos on LinkedIn, about a startup project, and it have help me a lot. I’ve being trying to modify it, but I have some trouble with getting it to work without creating new levels as well.

I’m using an excel file where I have data for view and sheet names, and I have no problem there.

Are there some kind people who can help a newbie out?
Create Levels, Floor Plans, Ceiling Plans and Structural Plans.dyn (7.5 KB)
Work File L24 - L39.xlsx (12.5 KB)


Hi @troelsbisbjerg1474

You where missing some inputs (List.RestOfitems). I have added it now. Try this dyn file Create Floor plans.dyn (162.7 KB)

I just saw it was the wrong .dyn fil I have uploaded. Floor and sheet creater.dyn (55.2 KB)

But I could just take your part and replace it with yours right?

Yes you can.

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well. it almost worked now, on I’m down for 3 errors.

Error 1

error 1

Error 2

error 2

Error 3

error 3

Floor and sheet creater v1.dyn (51.8 KB)

I have try to add in another script for the “create Revit Floor plan” part, but it still comes up with some errors. Are there someone who can explain to me, what I need to change here?

The first error is “Null value cannot be cast to double”
error 1

Second is error is: level name
error 2

I have my dyn file and excel file here:
Work File L24 - L39.xlsx (12.5 KB)
Floor and sheet creater v1.dyn (51.8 KB)

Look at what’s coming out of your Excel node. You’re pulling data from the wrong sheet. You need to get the data from Levels so that you have the proper information for creating levels and floor plans. Switching to the correct sheet name should be all you need.

Thanks for the answer. But I don’t want to create new Levels, I’m only interested in making floorplan and sheets. So, I thought that it would duplicate the floorplans from the Excel Node “Floorplan” but it needed “Levels” to find out where it has to create the new floorplans from.

But I try to change the setup as you said, and I could see it want to create new levels as well.

So, I think I need to build the script up in another way.

If you already have the levels in your project you’ll need to query them from a list to get the appropriate level for each view. Filtering by the level name should get you what you want.