Create Multiple Sheets_Using SteamNodes

As far as I am aware there are at least 3 ways of creating multiple sheets at once.

1: Excel to Revit, via Dynamo
2: Archi-Labs code to create placeholder sheets before applying titleblocks; I tend to use this when I want to apply different titleblocks to different sheet numbers, but still batch create the numbers.
3: Steam Nodes, empty sheet from list. This I tend to use to create multiple sheets at once with sequential numbering, all using the same Titleblock Family Type as you can see below.

This is an easy code to create so I’ve attached the code for your use below. I have only attached the steamnodes version.

Create Multiple Sheets.dyn (4.0 KB)

If you would like the node for “Placeholder Sheets”, download the Archi-Lab Grimshaw package.

Thanks to Archi-Lab and SteamNodes!

Thanks for this. I was using this node successfully, and I recently got the following error after updating the input list parameters. any idea what might be driving this?

“Warning: Method ‘__func_b72d3759c8034eecb9d22eacae829978()’ not found”

Hi @SeanMcGuire. For some reason, SteamNodes added these two redundant nodes in the “Tool.CreateEmptySheet” node. Right click on the “Tool.CreateEmptySheet” Node. Click “Edit Custom Node” and delete the ones I’ve circled in red. Then save the custom node and return to your workspace. Then run… That should solve your problem. And sorry for the late reply…

No worries, thank you!

After I create the placeholder sheets (archi-lab) how can I apply the titleblocks?

Click create new sheet. In that area your “Place holder” Sheets will appear. Click on and select all placeholder sheets you would like and choose the template you want above. That should solve the problem.

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I have recently created a node to do this. You can access it from the JarrodRyanZA node package. It does not rely on any other packages.

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