Create multiple family types from a list

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The thing is i want to create around 20 spheres in Revit model with different family names or family type names from a list (the list contain names and xyz coordinates), but i don’t know how to create a individual family/family type for each sphere, what i’ve done so far is to create 20 spheres within one family with same name. Could anyone advise me how to do it? Thank you so much!

here is the list:

here is how i created spheres:

here is showing all spheres been created in Revit are same family name and same family type:

Hi @yunmemory

Use custom node “Element.SetName” from clockwork package after FamilyInstanceByPoint.

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I’ve updated my code per your comments, but all spheres are still in one family, is there anything wrong i did? Thank you so much!

@yunmemory show me the values for family Instance node and element set name node.

Hi Kulkul

I found out a code called “ElementType.Duplicat” in ClockWork, and this code works!!

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here is the screenshot:


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