Create list by index

I have a list, i want to rearrange. I want all values at index 0 in one list, and all values at index 1 in one list, and so on. How can i do that??:slightly_smiling_face:


try a codeblock that says x[0][0] or x[0][1]

[ ] might be { } in the different versions of Dynamo (1.x or 2.x)
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Edit: added links

Is it possible for you to show me? I can’t make it work.


Use List.GetItemAtIndex node with longest lacing to collect all values at a specified index.

When i eventuel have a list with over 100 values, i dont think that way works. :slightly_smiling_face:

Please write down the output you want by hand so we can clearly understand what you want :slight_smile:

List.Transpose node would likely help here.

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