Create sublists with each item at an index

Hello, everyone!

Please, can anyone help me out thinking of a way to get every item at an index (i.e.: index 1) and create a new sublist, please?

The screen capture says it all, I got how to do it with a single index. But I’m trying to make it with a sequence.

I know I will have 8 lists but the number of items in each list varies.
Is is possible to “replace” this code block “1” for a logic structure as “0…x-1…1” with x being the number of items in each list?

List.Transpose should do the trick


@ricaerrido ,

yes and list-depth :wink:

That’s it! Thank you so much, sir!

Good point. List.Transpose as itself solved my needs but it’s trully relevant this point. Thanks for pointing this out!

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