Create a list with identical index of nested lists

Hi everyone,

I’m starting to use Dynamo and i wonder if there is a way to create a list of points by picking the itens that have the identical index value of these nested lists.

For example, create a list with every index [0] of these nested lists.


Try the Transpose node, and then GetItemAtIndex.

It worked ! Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

@jostein_olsen and @dvdscouto, how did you end up wiring these together then? Transposing the list I get, but in manner did you utilize GetItemAtIndex? Did you you do a list map and wire in a sequence to transform the output of your transposed list back into the structure of your original list such that you have the values you want? I’m not clear how this solved your problem. Thanks.

Transpose, item by index is the most simple way.

As a side note, you should play around with get item at index, and mess with the levels and list structures…but without transposing first. This is a list management feature in Dynamo which is particularly useful and easy to use.

@m.owens, the get item at index does not perform in the way you describe for me. I ended up having to transpose, then chop the list based on the list count to order all of the indices together into a new list. If you have an example that would be helpful.

Here are some different examples of using Lists at Levels.


@@L2 means that the list structure is maintained.