Create Filled Regions From Area Loads

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I’m trying to get dynamo to create filled regions from Area Loads. The idea is to use the area loads applied to the analytical model to generate filled regions (hatches) and later on change colours and create loading plans. Clearly doing something wrong. Any idea?

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Can you show a picture of it running, nodes expanded (showing the outputs) and any errors occuring?

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Thanks for the reply, here the details:

is this even something you need dynamo to achieve?

it sounds like you want to make a zone map that shows the heat load or airflow for each zone?
if you make HVAC zones, you can apply a color scheme that will shade the zones different colors, and if you mess around with the HVAC zone tag, you should be able to extract the zone parameters that you’re interested in: whether it’s heating/cooling load, occupancy, supply cfm.

When you need to take a picture of a graph, you can zoom in until the nodes are readable, then click the camera icon in the top right to take a full picture of the graph. It makes it easier to understand.

The errors are coming from the curves/inputs. “PolyCurves may not be branching” means that the curves do not form a single continuous line. Could be a problem with directions of the curves or the points not lining up. Can’t say without seeing the curves themselves.

“Dereferencing a non-pointer” means the input includes something that cannot be used by the node, usually a ‘null’, which you can see is in the watch list at positions 0, 8, 9, etc. These nulls are because the polycurve node failed in the lists at indices 0, 8, 9, etc.

Go back and check the list of curves at any indices where there is a null. There is a problem with those curves.