Create family by import DWG solid

it’s doable in Revit OOTB, but how to do via Dynamo? well, i tried exporting DWG solid to SAT, then use Geometry.ImportFromSAT, but all i got is multiple surfaces instead of solids, did i miss something? well, that DWG solid is provided by my co-worker who created from C3D (i.e. feature lines, corridor, etc) via Dynamo CivilConnection,

Civil connection should be capable of making the geometry in Revit directly, which sounds like it’d be a more complete workflow for you. You might be best suited to take a step back before progressing.

right, my co-worker is using CivilConnection already, maybe not yet fully utilize it, i’ll give it a try myself later on, from what i heard from this forum is that CivilConnection can create Revit family directly from C3D side, thanks