Room Data Sheet From Revit with multi sheets and cells


I need to create a room data sheet from Revit. I am currently using Dynamo with the BimorphNodes package.

I need to represent each room with its own excel sheet and place each room’s information within each individual sheet. That being said, the location of information will be consistent across all pages.

As of now I have managed to have the information of each room on their respective pages and be able to move the information in desired cells of the excel spreadsheet. but Dynamo seems to be taking the level one step too high and is copying all the information of one room to the cells I have specified instead of taking one piece of information of the room and placing it in the specified cell.

Does anybody know how to remediate this problem? See attached the pictures with the current and desired outputs.

sorry I am unable to post the script directly, I am a new user. :frowning:

Thanks (:

You need to play around with the list @ level inputs on the excel node. Now, I have outputted a different look in excel, would this output work (See Image)? or do you ultimately desire the look you have indicated for Desired Output?
For this example I am using Rooms and the information in Rooms, it wont be any different than your workflow as the key takeaway here is list management.

Here is the dynamo workflow I used to create this excel spreadsheet.

Hope this helps!

hello Patrick,

Thanks for the reply.

yes, I would require to have the look in the desired output.

I have been playing around some more with the script and had another approach in mind: if I can run the script once, for one room, could I create some sort of clock/cycle or sequence of operations that would pass to the second room, then the third, etc. Basically the idea is that the information would split into each sequential page, and make it super easy to add additional pages/rooms.

In that new approach I am missing that clock element that would pass through a list one item at the time. I have a “module” that takes the room list and turns it into a number e.g. #101 = 0, #102 =1, etc.
and I have my “module” that creates the excel sheet for one room that places each piece of information in a specific cell of said excel sheet.

Would you happen to know how to create such a ‘clock’ element?

attached is the dynamo script.

Thanks a lot.
Room_Data_Sheet_Script_2020-02-25d_test.dyn (36.8 KB)

Hello again,

So in the end I found a solution!

Using a package from Danimo!

The clock is running with Dynamo running periodically, thus passing from sheet to sheet.

Setting the boolean of the “clock” to false will reset the clock back to zero. allowing to reissue the room data sheet if an update is needed.

The only improvement that would be required to this script is to find a way to stall the “clock” when it reaches the total number of rooms in the project.

Attached is the script. You will need the BimorphNodes package as well as the Danimo package.

Room_Data_Sheet_Script_Export_2020-02-26.dyn (34.7 KB)

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