Create Duct on top face of Viaduct

Hi All, i need to create duct on top face of viaduct, so i planned to create curve by edge face , so that i can convert curve to duct. but problem is viaduct import from different software, due to slope, some of the parts was mesh now. anyone have idea crate a curve from mesh top face edge.

i tried this but i can not get the curve properly

i attached example revit file , photo what i need to do.

Viaduct example.rvt (580 KB)

Hello @pankaj …how about something…ps seems like some of your element is double…

Hi @sovitek Thank you, mesh to polysurface i did’t not get 4 polysurface…

it was again two individual surface, so can’t able to get start and end point to create curve…

i need to place duct on top face viaduct, so i need polyline to create duct in model in place(or) adaptive family.

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How about something

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PS…i use datashapes for pruneduplicategeometry and ampersand for polycurveclosedloop

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Maybe we can avoid Meshes?


Yes @Vladimir thats what i mean with double geometry we both have elements (where we can ger solids) as you do and then we have directshape mesh…I try on the mesh :wink:


Hi @pankaj
in your attached file you have two element. one can convert to solid but the other one can be convert to mesh.
do you have a reason for that

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My solution. Target edges of length > 5 are farthest from bounding box center.
Top_lines.dyn (69.3 KB)

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My solution

I use RANSAC (this code created by @Ewan_Opie )to get the bridge face point then sortt by Z to get the needed point at eah face

EdgeLine.dyn (70.7 KB)


@sovitek can you please share this script… i am getting some error…

Hi no problem…this one here works on you sample file for me :wink:

Pankaj.dyn (40.8 KB)

@sovitek closed looped getting error

can’t able to get surface

Hi @pankaj its that the dyn i upload as it works fine here…


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