Create custom split.string, how? Which package is Manage.replaceNulls?

Hello Dynomasters,

I cant manage my packagefolder, the packages erase each other. So i desided to make a costom node
for “Slice String” but how?
package Manage.replaceNulls i think it is Lunchbox?

I am glad about any help!


Andreas Split.String_costum.dyf (4.9 KB)


it is not showing it i use 2.0.3. i have still problems with installing packages f.e. when i install Bakery it installs automaticly Lunchbox, Archi-lab, Clockwork 1.x …

Thats a part in dynamo which i don`t like, even the installing instabil!

Lunchbox is 2016. i think it should be newer!

Lunchbox isn’t installed trough the package manager anymore.

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Also, as a general rule of thumb, try to avoid embedding dependencies on other packages where possible. (Specifically if you are putting on the package manager).

It becomes very difficult for others to use the package because they might have older/newer versions of the dependent packages or not have them at all.

For replacing nulls, it can be done with OOTB nodes.