Missing Packages

Hi guys,

my harddisk was changed and I had to install all packages but I don’t remember which package these were. Can you guys tell me?

Slice.String is under archilab…

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I have already installed archilab but I can’t see it… Which version of Archilab do you have?

Slice String is not missing (it does not have the “Unresolved” tag) it fails as it gets “null” as input…

That said I’d download Clockwork and Orchid as part of your standard setup.

Orchid has nodes for both Document.Current and Document.Name as well, new versions might also have Document.Directory

Also the way to Slice string is:

Archilab -> Core -> Strings -> Slice String

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Orchid package, as you said had been updated. I deleted nodes and created again. It worked. Archi-lab does not have any Slice String node. I have 2020.23.5 version of Archi-lab.net. It is not problem, because I created a Python node instead of it.

I use Revit 2019.2. Should I use the version which starts with 2019?

If you install monocle (view extension), it adds a right click action to all custom nodes to try and look the nodes up. (Note: It will only find nodes available on the package manager and what is in the latest package version.) It is still a fairly new feature to monocle, so it still has some bugs. (Eg. Zerotouch nodes are still giving me some trouble)

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The problem was: I should have installed the correct version of archilab for Dynamo 2.0.3 (2019.2.27)

@john_pierson thanks a lot! Although it fails sometimes, it can be used for some nodes :slight_smile:

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