Create Curve y Spiral

hello, and I’ve been trying to edit the radii of an alignment so that the radii smaller than 200 become spiral and the ones greater than curve, I have already been able to round the radii and separate them but I still haven’t got what I want someone has an idea that course I must take

I attach the files used

Drawing1.dwg (1.0 MB)

radios.dyn (18.6 KB)

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You’d better attach the image of the shape you want. instead of your python. Why is it in dwg???

I do not understand your answer, I am attached file and dynamo

This is what can see in your dwg…
I thought I could help if i saw the shape in the dwg you want. But I couldn’t.

How strange, capable is the version of civil 3d, because I downloaded it and if it is appreciated, I still reload the file…

If someone could clear my doubt about how to generate curves and spirals

Drawing1.dwg (925.9 KB)

Oh, it’s about Cvil3D which is I don’t use.
I’ll see what I can do If you provide your input and the output you want in general geometry level.

Hay un tema similar, pueda que te sirva.