Create curb for slope floor in dynamo

hello guys , i’ve recently drawn a floor with specific slope and i want to make a curb which it goes along this path ( floor) , this curb has a simple shape like (L) and we have a 2 cm gaps between these shapes , so first i can select the floor with select model element but i dont know how to continue this process!

It would be great to give me best action and answer

1- Select model element node"Slopped Floor".
2- Element.Faces node .
3- Get item at index node “to select index of upper face of surface”.
4- Get the surfaces perimeter curves and pick up the index of the edge where you want to place the curb.
5- You might place your curb as structural framing with curve.

Thank you very much, if i’m not mistaken I did it like the image below! !


So after I have selected surface perimeter curves how can I create my curb shape and how I place it on the surface that I selected?

Why not use a slab edge in Revit natively? Will maintain the parametric relationship to the slab this way where as when done via Dynamo you’ll have less control after the fact.

Also, as Jacob says it is the easiest way to pick up directly the edge of your slab in Revit away of using dynamo. But if you have many slabs like this I think dynamo will fast your process.

Thank you man
This way is work and it is a good idea to pick up structural framing nod , so there is a small problem with giving my family ( curb) which i’ve modeled it by family generic model and it does’t appear on the surface that i’ve selected in revit , should i create curb family with structural family? Or i change my nod ( structuralframing beam by curve ) ?

Hi man thank you but i don’t understand what you mean by that?
I want to put my curb family along with floor path which it has slight slopped, so I could’t find any way to modeled it on the slOpped floor but I draw many of them by curtain wall in a straight path and it’s really easy like the picture below!!! If you have any idea to create curb on the sloping floor in the revit I really appreciate it

Yes create your curb in structural framing family templete.

Thats fine , but is there any way to control it in schedule chart ? Because i want to count all curbs but not as a structure framing ! For example in i’ve modeled this curb for slopped floor as a railing in revit but we wouldn’t be able to took schedule per count !!! Is there any solution to take schedule ?

Is there any nod that we can replace it as a architecture instead of structural framing?

This video shows the use of the slab edge tool in use:

It would help to see your actual geometry, some sketches of what you’re after, etc.

You could find count as a parameter in the schedule just add it to appear.

Yes you right but is there another way to produce such bod like that ?

Yes it is great but we need step curb not extrude curb along the path do you have any idea ? Because we need a gap or space between each curb on the floor ! I point my mouse in the shape that i explained to you in the picture below

To generate the gaps, just divide the slab edge into multi curves by point at segment length node and use the new points to create new curves to place the curb by using same node str framing by curve.

Could you please explain it in a detail !?

Try this script … It should give you a result like below shot.

Curb.dyn (53.5 KB)

Thank you very much indeed sir , thats fine but i think there is a problem here in family types because i’ve made a curb in metric structural foundation But it doesn’t work i can share with you my profile below , please just see my profile and check why this can’t action in revit when i loaded into family type nod !

This is rfa object of curb

It could not be placed because you use wrong family template. you should build your family in structural framing template family to manage you to use the last node (Beam with curve).