Create Area Boundary Lines based on rooms

Using @AussieBIMGuru script - getting an error on the archilab package as it is an older version. but to delete the package to install the newer version apparently can take anywhere from 5-20 minutes. The whole point of writing/using a dynamo script is to speed up a repetitive task. This seems to be the opposite as I am spending equally as much time to fix this one issue than to just go to each level and select walls one at a time to create Area Boundary lines.
Here is the error - in case anyone knows a quicker fix than waiting for Dynamo to catch up with deleting a package: (Node ‘archilab.Revit.Selection.Select.ByCategoryAndLevel’ cannot be resolved.

Perhaps there is another package or node which can be used in its place?


Deleting the package is pretty much instant.

  1. Shut down Revit.
  2. Navigate to the directory your package is installed at.
  3. Hit delete.

After that is done restart Revit. You won’t have any Archi-Lab, but if you install the right version (follow the instructions in the link) you will be all set after that.

I did get the script to work and used your approach to clear the older archilab package. But you don’t want area boundary lines by room. There’s zero need for this as you can get those types of calculations using the room area calculation. What is needed is placing the area boundaries to placed walls and have the placement use the Room Area Computation rules when placing.
The reason for this is areas placed are set to “Area Type” which can be used for basic BOMA calculations. My next script acted like it worked as I had hoped. But Dynamo only presented the ghosted Dynamo graph lines on the area plan in Revit and no actual area boundary lines.

Sadly I am back to square one in trying to find a solution to this. Which is very odd as Revit should provide the option OOTB to place area boundaries on all walls instead of only at the exterior wall elements.

If I had $1 for every person who said area calculations should be done to yet another standard that isn’t as prolific as advertised I would own my own island and have a swimming pool full of sour candies… my end goal might be different than yours but hopefully you get the intent - the only thing which everyone can agree on is that there should be a demising line at exterior walls.

Fortunately the API and thereby Dynamo allows generation at any given point - you just have to configure things correctly.

To start with, are your lines on your sketch plane? If not, is there any error message if you copy the nodes and in particular the Python contained in the custom node into the Dynamo graph? Note that in doing so you may have to adjust the inputs to be single items or a list as needed by the Python code.

BOMA is an industry standard in commercial world for “rentable” spaces. And since Revit has Areas by Type function, placing the area boundaries at wall locations (not an area boundary line on each side of the wall), getting the script to work is a HUGE timesaver.
My mistake was not designating the walls on a given layer. I had designated the level and area plan view but had to identify the walls on that view as well. Otherwise it was trying to select all walls in the entire model. Solution below:

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Glad you have a solution! Those who leverage BOMA will certainly thank you for sharing!