Create a void in a 3D room mass

MassGood evening, I just starting playing around with Dynamo converting rooms into 3D Mass spaces. I would like to know if there is a way to make it look more like a room with walls as just a cube. Is there a way to create a void in the 3d rooms that Dynamo creates.

You could use Solid.ThinShell

However, it would apply to all sides of the geometry (top and bottom too)

capturemassI am looking to build 3d mass from room, but I dont want them to be solid masses, I would like them to appear as a wall outline around them and be able to color code them for different departments.

The Solid. thin shell sounds good not sure where it should be located.


Test002Thank you for the advice, I created the script that you showed me above , but I am having problems with the node highlighted in yellow. Is the top of the mass supposed to be there. Sorry for all the questions so new to the world of DynamoBIM

Just an update Thank you so much got it to work.

One other question do you know a way to color code each room type now that we have created the 3d Rooms in Dynamo BIM ,

Display.ByGeometryColor should do that

File: RoomsColor.dyn

Note: You can ignore/delete the script in the code block in the above example, it’s just an alternate approach


I tried to use this script but nothing happened , is the a way to control the color of the masses by room names, using the color scheme in revit. So If I have 2 Bed apartments they will be red, three bed blue and so on.

Patrick, If you feed in 3 rooms and 3 colors to the Display.ByGeometry Color node, each of those three rooms will get three different colors.

I’ve done so in the above example, you’ll need to adapt it to suit your requirement. Not sure as to why it isn’t working for you. It works with this Demo file.

Ok it worked in your file maybe because I have 15 rooms on 2 levels in my file is the reason its not working. Can this be used by room name. So all rooms with same name can be that color.

Test_New Update

Ok I got your script to work . I had to copy my rooms into a new project something must have went wrong. You said I need to feed 3 room into Display .By GeometryColor. I have 7 different room types . I would like to feed one room type by name and one color into Display .By GeometryColor. So every time I have a new room type I just copy down Script and change the name. The problem is I dont know how set it up so it is controlled by room name. I know I ask alot of questions and thank you for your time.