Create a triangled pattern by point grid


I have a surface, in wich I put a grid of points by UV parameters. Now I need to create some polygons using this point grid, for example a triangle pattern, diamond pattern, or others, but I cannot see how to do it. In GenerativeComponents you could use the node PolygonByPointGrid, and just select the pattern.

Any help on this please? Is there any node, like the Voronoy Tessellation that helps you to do that in few steps?

Lunchbox have some really awesome nodes for paneling


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Sorry here;s the dyn

Triangular panels.dyn (12.9 KB)

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In which package is de PointList.VisualizePanels node?

Thanks a lot for your help.

[&] PointList.VisualizePanels is from Ampersand.
This could help in the future:

This one is easy because of the name of the package… Ampersand.
Unfortunately there’s no way to tell unless you open the node and dig (if the author made some notes).
I usually add a Note below custom nodes but i whipped this one qickly, sorry about that