Create a rule for set workset to the systems

Hi ,

I am created a dynamo for set a different worksets for different piping systems. I can used this dynamo is only used for current project , if I want to used this dynamo in other project then I need to updated the dynamo as per project piping system.

is this possible to create a rule for set workset to the systems even systems is not present in model?



There seem to be many redundant/unnecessary nodes in your definition.

I’d suggest you first optimize the dynamo definition based on the below suggestion.

That may make it easier to understand and help provide a solution to your actual problem.

Hi Vikram,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have changed Dynamo as per your suggestion.

I can used this dynamo is only for current project because it select current project pipes 7 fittings and changed the workset but if I used this dynamo for another project and some piping system is not used in that projects then I need to check and changed the lists in the dynamo. Is their any way to set a rule for the same.

Workset-Pipe system

Unable to read anything in your image. However, to set multiple parameters you can use nodes available OOTB in Dynamo

One piece of advice - If you find yourself doing a lot of manual organization, you’re most likely doing it wrong.

Below is an possible workflow…

re upload the image

You can have just one Element.SetParameterByName node instead of 4

Try to understand the logic behind the example I’ve provided above and incorporate it in yours.

Is there any solution on this one? I’m looking for something simular.

The above script works well for one project and with a lot of custom work. Is it possible to somehow search for a specific word in the pipe/duct systems and search for the same word in the worksets in the project - and then match those when chaning the worksets?

So if “I6000” is present in a system name and also in a workset name, then these are matched and the workset will be set for that system?

Any hints?