Create a rule for set workset to the systems


Hi ,

I am created a dynamo for set a different worksets for different piping systems. I can used this dynamo is only used for current project , if I want to used this dynamo in other project then I need to updated the dynamo as per project piping system.

is this possible to create a rule for set workset to the systems even systems is not present in model?




There seem to be many redundant/unnecessary nodes in your definition.

I’d suggest you first optimize the dynamo definition based on the below suggestion.

That may make it easier to understand and help provide a solution to your actual problem.


Hi Vikram,

Thanks for your suggestion, I have changed Dynamo as per your suggestion.

I can used this dynamo is only for current project because it select current project pipes 7 fittings and changed the workset but if I used this dynamo for another project and some piping system is not used in that projects then I need to check and changed the lists in the dynamo. Is their any way to set a rule for the same.

Workset-Pipe system


Unable to read anything in your image. However, to set multiple parameters you can use nodes available OOTB in Dynamo

One piece of advice - If you find yourself doing a lot of manual organization, you’re most likely doing it wrong.

Below is an possible workflow…


re upload the image


You can have just one Element.SetParameterByName node instead of 4

Try to understand the logic behind the example I’ve provided above and incorporate it in yours.