Create a Profile View With No Labels

I have a Dynamo Script that is just about perfect. I want my final profile view to not include ANY profile labels. I am using the AlignmentExtensions.AddProfileBySurface and ProfileView.ByAlignmentPointName nodes available in the Civil3DToolkit. I have tried running the script with “” in the label set input, and I have tried running the script with no wire connecting to the label set input. Each of those will produce an error.

Is there a way to create a profile view where no labels (PVI or Slope) are shown on the profiles? If that is not possible, is there a way I can delete these labels automatically after the profile view is generated?

Thanks for all the help!

Hi @austin_perigee,

How about creating a label set style with nothing in it and using that as the input? Maybe called “No Labels” or something.


Choose another type style for profile
It has less labels

That is a possible solution, I would just prefer to not have to create a new style for each drawing where I use this script. Ideally, I was hoping to utilize existing styles available in Vanilla CAD or the template my company uses, but maybe I can just create a “No Display” style. Thanks

What about importing this style through the script?

Would it be best to keep the label style in a separate drawing and then import using Dynamo? Could you help me find which nodes would be best to do that?

Hi @austin_perigee ,

How are Label Styles normally saved? I have no experience with those whatsover.

For comparison (maybe): I save needed AutoCAD Blocks as .dwt-files in central locations and import those per drawing to be able to place BlockReferences.