Creating Pipe from Start and End Point


I’m trying to create a pipe from a Start.point and End.point. However, I can’t seem to find out how.

I tried using create pipe node from Hot gear package but it didn’t work at all.

Any ideas?

Hi Joe,
You can accomplish this task by using a two point adaptive component and a list of points.

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HI Cyildirim,

2 Point adaptive component? Can you give me some more info on that, haven’t come across them before.


You need to create a generic model with two adaptive points in revit. You can use YouTube for learning how to create a two point adaptive component.

There is a pipe by lines node in the excellent MEPover package which you should try out.


It was perfectly, Thanks!

Did you got it to work out?? It is not working Pipe.ByLines to me…

Ended up getting Pipe.ByLines working, this is ages ago. But gave up script up due to connecting the pipes being quite a difficult task