Create a floor finish slab from room boundaries

Is it possible to create a floor finish slab from a room which have more than one boundary in dynamo? , like this:

Hi Hyun,

There is a custom node from Bakery package “Create Floors from Rooms” that will create floors from rooms.

As far as I know this is not possible. This has come up in the past concerning room bounding elements like columns. This results in multiple closed loops and will not work with the current nodes. So unfortunately @Kulkul’s bakery suggestion will not work.

You could consider using Direct Shape

Hi Vikram , This is the result when i follow your suggestion. I don’t think it looks smooth as well as a simple slab, are there any other solutions? anyway, thanks man.

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@Huynh_Duc_Do As an alternative to Direct Shape you could try FamilyInstance.ByGeometry node from @Dimitar_Venkov’s Spring nodes package

Hi Hynh,

There are 2 possible solution comes to mind probably not the best i believe. :slight_smile:

Solution 1:
To trim the surfaces and use “DirectShapeByGeometry” from spring nodes package which gives smooth geometry after importing it to revit.

Solution 2:
If you don’t mind in adding openings to boundary elements. Provide openings to the rest of the boundary elements.


it works, many thanks to you, @Kulkul

how well does this node work at floor transitions and room transition (I mean the space beneath the doors - that space that doesn’t come under both room area)

I started a new topic for this here: Select door from room X to room Y