Create a dropdown list, in Dynamo Player

I want to make a drop-down list, where i can select a text.
Like in the picture, can i make a drop-down list, where i can choose between “test 1”, “test 2” and so on.


Try the Data-Shapes package

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Thanks it worked. :slight_smile:

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how did you prepare the drop list for given text?

@mrathnakar You mean something like this?


yeah this is what i am looking for !
But i want the same thing to happen in dynamo player, not in data shapes.

how do you get the data shapes window on the right ?
did you install any add in for data shapes.

Thank you in

The Data Shape pop-up will work with dynamo player.

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Is there a way to do this with out using Packages, I have a strict IT system in place at work that wont allow us to just download packages also i want to send this out across our company so not everyone would have the packages loaded - any help will be a big help thanks.