Create a Callout Filter in all View Templates

Hello all,

Having some trouble creating a Filter in all View Templates in the default Revit template 2018. Scanned and tried a number of similar solutions here, and from courses on LinkedIn etc. Can’t seem to get this to work.

Am I missing something simple?

Apply View Filter to All View Templates.dyn (36.0 KB)

These are the results:

Look at your node previews to see where it’s failing. I’m guessing it’s because you’re using Family and Type which I don’t believe is a filterable parameter. I’m guessing you want Type Name. You might also want to use only the first instance of that parameter instead of for every Callout element.

Had checked that one previous to setting up the filter @Nick_Boyts.

Now I’m getting a separate issue:

…every time I run the script the View type node freaks out.


Yup. You’re right. I should have checked with Callouts instead of a random category. Can you show your node previews so we can see where it’s failing?

First things first:


This tells me you are using Dynamo 2.0 but you are running it against an OLD pacakge. Please install the latest version 2019.2.6


Now, the actual question and the issue at hand. My understanding is that you are looking to identify Callouts that are of some special “Working” type.

First and foremost it appears to me that Callouts are not of Category “Callout”. They are Category OST_Viewers:

That Category is not available in Dynamo for some unknown to me reason. What that means is that you cannot create that Filter using that Category. Sorry. The solution here, since obviously the OST_Viewers is a valid Revit Category is to write that yourself in Python/C# as a custom node. It’s a bit of a hassle if you ask me but it’s possible. Feel free to raise this issue of missing Categories with the DynamoRevit team here:


Would your solution from a similar post help him? Maybe when he creates a “Callout Type” that it uses Floor Plan instead of “Detail View” characteristics from the Selection Box? I sometimes create a Floor Plan view & crop it then do View Reference Tags…maybe that strategy will help?

Logged the issue thanks for the help.

You will have to demonstrate this, not just speculate.

The issue that I have raised comes down to the fact that Category called OST_Viewers is not present in Dynamo’s Categories dropdown, and it fails to pass through their internal constructors. That makes it impossible for me to create a new Filter and assign it to that Category.

Now, Dynamo has a Category called OST_Callouts but for some reason that doesn’t seem to return anything, as in actual Callouts are of Category OST_Viewers not OST_Callouts.

Both of these are valid Categories, and using a OST_Callouts when creating the Filter in Revit UI seems to map somehow to OST_Viewers. They must do that manually in their code or something. That’s not part of Dynamo and has nothing to do with Dynamo. I am speculating because the behavior doesn’t match what I have experimented with.

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