Create a 3D Section Box

I am starting out on my path to understand dynamo & have a task that i want to automate using dynamo. I am wanting to create a 3D section box for every level within a project. An example is i want to create an individual 3d section box for each level of a 10 level apartment block. I am imagining having to draw one 3d section box by hand & then get the levels from the project followed by applying the size of the created section box to any section box hat is automated & the height of each box determined via levels.

As this is my first dynamo project i have hit my first hurdle in that i cannot find a create.SectionBox node.

my thought process was to begin at the end & then work my way back.
Any help would be appreciated.

there is several nodes in packages like rythm and GeniusLoci and others, that will create a section box from BoundingBox, you can select all element in a level and create a boundingBox for them then create a section box

here is how we did the dynamo script, we used a scope box for extent selection so that we can use different scope box sizes if need (detail of a particular area). it still needs some work but works for now.