Create 3D Views Based on Phase Filter

I have a workflow in which I think Dynamo could help with. As a General Contractor, we receive models from the Architect. From there I will export the Arch, Structural, & MEP models to Navisworks so I can run clash, QTOs, etc.

We deal with lot of remodel/new addition projects. So I like to break my model up, based on the Phase Filter in Revit. That would include how the building looks at the Existing Phase (Show Previous), Demo Phase (Show Demo), New Work Only (Show New), and Complete (Show Complete).

Is there any way I can accomplish this via Dynamo? I would think it would look something like, Open the Model → 3D Default View → Duplicate View → Apply Phase Filter → Export to Navisworks. And this would repeat for each different Phase Filter.

I am new to Dynamo, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

hi @jcadwallader

Basically, your question is Is there any way I can accomplish this via Dynamo? and the short answer is YES. But in order to accomplish what you want to do, you have to be a very proficient python programmer because you cannot do this via Dynamo’s OOTB. You have to have knowledge of Revit API and tremendous amount of python programming is needed here.


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People sometimes just intensifies problem, talk their share and go. Without actually trying to help out.

anyway, here’s the link for a similar discussion.

let us know if it worked!

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You would have to create views with those view properties settings related to phases before you can export to Navisworks cache file with Dynamo. I have seen how to create a 3D view of a Revit file to export but that needs more python script to add those phase requirements, which I am interested to know as well.

I am aware Geniusloci package can help with this.

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