Able to select 3D Templates in Dynamo

So I am still a Dynamo noob, but i think i found the beginning of a way around the issue of"Dynamo cannot let you select a 3D view template" issue.

The issue I read about was mentioned here;

This is my (early) script, still working on what to do with the data. I pull from an Excel file that has my master template types listed on it, that has been exported from Revit. Then I use a node package from ‘Data-Shapes’ and feed it information so that a User Friendly dialog box pops up (and no one has to mess with the script), where the user can specify details about the Views, Sheets and Levels that will be eventually created.

I am planning on using a tool for Revit that we have from CTC Revit Express tools, called ‘Spreadsheet Link’, and bring that data back into Revit (matching the View Templates for creation).

I am not sure what steps to take next, but my end-goal of this script is to be able to batch-style, create Views, Sheets, and Levels during the project setup phase of development. I welcome feedback and ideas.