Creat Column's Ducts

Hi there,

I’ve modified this python script in order to create column ducts but it doesn’t work
Could somebody tell me the correct command and parameters for Duct ?



This is a good place to start:

You’re missing your duct type id parameter.

Also, you’re referencing doc twice. Dunno if this could throw an exception :slightly_smiling_face:

It worked !
But For some reason the second node with level by colunm did not work ,. I can work with this one but that’s not what I want

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It’s failing because your input is a list of lists. You’ll need to iterate through your nested lists to get the level id.

Edit: I just noticed you did unwrap the levels :slight_smile:

I tried many things different, but it doesn’t work …
I search on
but no result … :confused:
my last test …

Flatten your level list input into a single list. The way you are collecting the level Id’s right now won’t work. You should delete everything from line 37 up to 42. Then on line 46 replace ‘LevelId’ with ‘level[i].Id’