Crashing issues with a recursive custom node

I was trying to make a custom node that creates a Fibonacci spiral through recursion.

After struggling for a while (being fairly new to Dynamo) I was able to make the recursive node work as per my satisfaction and saved the node for later use. But when I restarted Dynamo the next time and tried to run the graph again with the same node, it returned nothing (not even a null value nor an empty list). It was simply broken.

I double clicked the custom node to edit it and found that the recursive node is completely disconnected from the graph. Now when I try to reconnect the nodes or edit almost anything, Dynamo crashes!

As a workaround, I tried the following method that seemed to work after a few hit and trials →

  1. Removed the recursive node from the custom node to avoid Dynamo from crashing
  2. Removed all the inputs
  3. Called the recursive node again (which does not have any inputs now)
  4. Inserted all the inputs again (which gets reflected in the recursive node in real time)
  5. Reconnected all the nodes for execution of the Dynamo graph.

Now this method does work while I’m working in the same graph, but the issue keeps reoccurring whenever I restart Dynamo and this workaround is a bit of a hassle every time.
I might be missing something, but does anybody know how to avoid the recursive node from disconnecting in the custom node? And more importantly, how to prevent Dynamo from crashing when I edit the custom node without deleting the recursive node first?

Thanks in advance,

Fibonacci Spiral.dyn (10.6 KB)
FibonacciSpiral_Recursion.dyf (38.4 KB)