Recursion Node

We are teaching Dynamo at Georgia Tech and we have a class of 20 students. One of the goals of the class is introducing design optimization principles using Dynamo+Revit. To do so, we need to have a recursive function in Dynamo. Currently, the only way to do recursion is using Python script. Since all of the students are not familiar with programming, we really need a Dynamo node to handle the recursion and update input parameters. Is this functionality available or becomes available any time soon?

Recursion covers a pretty broad spectrum. Currently, recursion is not available inside of Dynamo, but there are plans to get it working inside of custom nodes (that way custom nodes can call themselves).

For basic looping, check out the Loop While package on the Dynamo Package Manager. It allows you to specify a starting result, a function to update the result on each iteration of the loop, and a function to check to see if the result satisfies a loop termination condition.

it would be super. i’ve been searching/waiting for something similar for long time now. thanks