Corridor parameter station override, C3D API Ideas


I can’t find anything about adding parameter overrides at stations in the API documentation.
Is it possible that this is not exposed yet? :open_mouth:

Also, I have an idea. With the use of Dynamo lots of mundane task could be avoided, but in lots of instances there are API limitations. So what if, that instead posting API ideas separately to the passive Idea board this community collects useful API ideas here in a post and someone sometime posts that to the Idea board with the support of the dynamo forum users?
It is just an idea, but it’s not the first time that API limitations stopped me.
(alignment masking, profile view projection, buggy profile band element setting etc.)
I’m just a stupid civil enginner and I don’t want to go deeper in programming, than using .NET API in Dynamo.

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Far simpler to place the ideas on the board, and link there from here to get votes on content which will get developments attention. Not everything can fit into the backlog, but I know they review content frequently.

Fair point, and I know that they can’t deliver every request, but as I see, getting an idea through the Idea Board is very slow. Maybe there is some progress now with the public roadmap, but as you can see years old ideas (that should have been in C3D years ago) are considered there. So if I go there with two Method and three Property request, nobody will give a damn, but if there is a list that contains something for everyone maybe, that could get attention more easily. That is why I had this idea. But I get your point, and I had to try. :smiley:

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I know the frustration on ‘not seeing stuff’. It’s felt on both sides often - developers would like to do everything, but there isn’t time.

The bigger issue with lists of ideas is that the first thing which has to happen is they need to be split up into individual requests, and reviewed 1x1. That process takes awhile, so best to make the requests one at a time.

Not a perfect process, but it is what we (the community) have to work with.

Let me know if you post anything. :slight_smile:

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