Print linked models sheets from host file

Hi All,

I am looking to put together a workflow so that we can print all of our linked models sheets for a host file. I understand that some people may say that this is ‘twice the amount of work’ by setting up sheets in several files, but for us it would be a life saver.

Essentially we create different sheets for housetypes (plans and Ellies for feasibility and planning) and then we link each housetype into a main site/master file. This particular file will have site, location, legal plans plotted from. Each housetype will be placed within a specific location on our sites and therfore at certain rotations and coordinates. However for each housetypes plans and elevations the sheets will need to be set up so that the housetype is square to the sheet. When sheets are created within the master/site file then every view needs to be rotated in order for it to look correct on the sheet, which can be a time consuming process.

I was wondering if anyone knows of a dynamo script or something that can make this possible? Or perhaps suggest a slightly different workflow.

Many thanks,