Copy files

I am trying to copy some files from one directory to a directory i just created with dynamo.
But i can’t figure it out.

If you’re happy using Python, there’s a very easy-to-use library you can import called shutil. This comes with the Dynamo / IronPython install. It has a few functions copy/copy2 which can be used to auto-copy files from one directory to another.

Maybee a maped dropbox folder as target will not work,
try with a simple folder on your c-drive, to see if it works

It creates the folders on dropbox fine, and i really need it on this dropbox folder…but it is just a local drive, so that shouldn’t be the issue…

Don’t really want to add even more…this node or the file.copy node should be possible and workable

The OOTB node Directory.Copy should work.

but i don’t want to copy a whole directory only a few files…
can’t get the file.copy to work either…

Arno, it really does not work:

If you look at the “copy node” you will see this:

i replaced it with the passthrough node…but then it still doesn’t work

Which package is this out of?

copy file list to new directory is from Bakery… but i would be happy of file.copy worked with multiple files as well.

Thought so.

One thing to try: uninstall and reinstall Bakery and all of its dependencies (basically every package out there). This may resolve the missing nodes due to the various dependencies.

If that doesn’t work I’ll see about making an OOTB or design script solution later today (have a big webinar at 11 and a snowstorm here in boston so it may be a bit).

Have it working :wink:

don’t know exactly why and how that -folder + “\”+ name- works but it does

thanks everybody

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Probably a day late and a dollar short, but the FileSystem.CopyFile built in node seems to work just fine for me. The result shows NUL, but the file is copied to the path I wanted/expected each time.