Copy polycurve into Dynamo

Hello, I have a question … is there a node to copy geometries within Dynamo, without having to resort to transforming it to an autocad object ?, for example: copying a polyline from one point to another
Thank you.

Have you try to add a vector xyz to all of polycurve’s vertex ? Therefore another polycurve may appear in dynamo, not in autocad at all, only if you transform that geometry to Cad with the transformation node.

Thanks, but i can’t quite understand it, sorry.
In the Geometry / Modifications options, there is nothing to do with copying. I don’t see anywhere else.
The topic you are telling me about creating a vector, ok! I create a vector, but if I can’t duplicate the geometry, I don’t see the utility, it would only serve to move it

You can create a new list with your polycurve, list.create , then this new list should duplicate your polycurve and let you add the vector.

mmm … it’s a good approach … Thank you. I will try it

To copy a geometry into Dynamo I see two options:

  1. Geometry.transform via CoordinateSystem

  2. Geometry.translate

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Touche !!!, :)…Thanks a lot
Traslate = Copy !!!..jajaja… will never cease to amaze me Dynamo
In my land Traslate = move