Batch copying elements from a linked file

I was hoping to try to develop a Dynamo script to copy elements from a linked file. Use case is splitting or transferring objects from a linked file, bypassing the traditional copy-monitor workflow (which also doesn’t work for all categories). The manual tedious way would be to tab select elements in the linked file copy and paste to same place on the host model. Does someone have an insight into how this may be possible using Dynamo?

what about just using a good old fashion filter or view setting of the linked revit file content. also try just opening the linked file and copying the elements from that file into the file you are working on…

unless you are trying to reference the linked file in a graph it seems like a pretty arduous process to use dynamo to copy some elements from a lined file (unless you are dealing with hundreds of elements the are in different categories, and even then it would be difficult to sort them in dynamo.)


but if you must, in theory you should be able to reference the file using a file path node and then sorting the elements however you would sort them…but that’s just in theory…I couldn’t tell you for sure unless I attempted the exercise myself…

Use BimorphNodes package for this, refer snap below


Sorry I did not reply earlier, this was great help. Totally fantastic workflow, you can automate copying of scope boxes, levels, then grids. True time-saver.