Get parameter values from elements in sublist and parameters in sublist

Hi All,

Running in a slight problem with extraction of parameter values.
I have a element list sorted on category. (elements in sublist)
I have parameters list sorted on category. (parameters in sublist)

I would like to get the parameters values based on the sublists.
So for example:
List A (elements)
5 Views in sublist index 0
10 Levels in sublist index 1

List B (Parameters
20 Parameters in sublist index 0
10 Parameters in sublist index 1

Result I would like to get.
List C
5 views with the results of the 20 parameters in sublist index 0
10 Levels with the results of the 10 parameters in sublist index 1

Lacing to longest or cross product doesn’t seem to do the trick.

Can anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance,
Niels Oomen

Hi :slight_smile:

Did not get how your items should be laced here… Do you want to cross-product each sublist at index i with each other sub-list at index i ?


Since Revit has different parameters available for every category, I sorted the list on category and then elements.
To achief that the right parameters from every category are applied to the right elements.
I created the same structured list for the parameters.
So sublist index 0 elements should go with sublist index 0 parameters. and so on.

Cross product applies all parameters to all elements. (to many parameters for every element)
Lacing Longest only applies all parameters to 1 element.

But how to get dynamo to look at the sublist of parameters and apply all those parameters to every element in the first sublist of elements is the big question to me.

Lacing and list levels aren’t enough for this one. You’ll have to duplicate your parameters for each element.

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I think you could also use nodes for this as well.

I was so close on that, I used cycle node instead and couldn’t get to this result.
Didn’t know that this node existed.

Thank you all.