Copy levels z-height and add this value to sheet

I’m new to Dynamo

Would like to copy levels z-height and add this value into a parameter height that is visible in sheets.
I’m doing something crazy, getting the values but to the wrong floor.

Can someone guide me?


The issue is that your list of elements and your list of values are not in the same order. You need to create a new list of the heights you want in the same order as the elements you want to change. Here is a crude way of achieving that. I believe there is a better way using keys, but i forget how.

To get the item at index you need, you will need to use the strings you have from the elements, not the elements themselves.

Hi Monkey_Puppet,
Thank you so much for your willingness to help. What I want to achieve is to connect the views located on sheets through ElementID.

Shouldn’t there be a relationship between views and sheets so that it is possible to pair these with ElementID?.

I will try your script but I want to ensure that views get the correct height regardless.


You can use Sheet.Views to find out which views are on which sheets.