Copy Content from Drafting view on a Legend View

Hi guys, this is my first post and it’s has been a head scratcher.
I have a series of drafting views, each with an individual detail. I’m not able to use the same view on multiple sheets but the workaround is that if the details are on individual legends views I can.
I came up with a script to have a batch duplicate with the amount of drafting views I have one legend view and name them the same as my drafting ones. (Script and Revit result in the images )

The next challenge is to get the content from the drafting views and place them on their corresponding legend views. I want to know mostly for future proofing if this would be possible and maybe how.

Thanks in advance!


note that some elements cannot be copied.

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That’s basically what I wanted. Thanks

Ok , going one by one seems to work but when I try to do it for multiple views at the same time it does not. I looked into how the input is for the spring node and it seems that it only accepts singletons. There for in I either need to cycle somehow through each index of a view list or find a way to force it to accept lists.


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has there been any resolution to this?