Copy Elements Between Legends (Spring.Doc.CopyFromViewToView)


We need to create a workflow that allow us upgrade the legends in different models, so we transfer the correct legends from a main model with pyrevit plugin. this plugin override the name of the legend and add (Duplicate 1). So, when the old legend and the new legend in the same model, we run this routine:

Apparently, the routine run without errors, but when we check the model, the routine havent added the elements to de destiny view from the source view, and have created a duplicate legend… I have reading topics similar to this but in anyone I saw that people experimented issues with duplicated views.

We cant duplicate the legends because the main goal is override the elements of the old legend, that is placed in all the sheets.

Any idea to make work this routine or other way to approach the workflow?

Thanks in advance!

Can’t you just replace the one view with the other, delete the old view and use its name to rename the new view?

No… because the old legend, is placed in hundreds of sheets and we have to preserve this legend with its location on sheets :slightly_frowning_face:

How about copying the contents of the new view in the old view?
You can do this manually in minutes.

We have been working like this until today, but now we need to automate this task, because we have too many models and we have spent to much time do it manually, hours in all the models, and the next month, probably we will need do the same (we work with a lot of model in FM stage) . Also another thing that consumes time is to know wich legends are updated and which ones no.

We are open-minded to other workflow that help us to achive the upgrade of the content of a existing model. without delete it and rename the new legend :slightly_smiling_face: