Automatic placement of Area Boundary lines with Linked Revit models

Hey guys, I am trying to automate the placement of Area boundary lines in a model that have linked models. I have been able to make a script that can place the lines like I want but it places them for every wall in one view. The way I want it to work would be to have it only put the lines on the active view. Is this possible? I am a beginner to Dynamo so be gentle :slight_smile:

Think of Area boundaries like model lines.
to get to the walls in just the active view, use all elements in active view node and filter the walls, use element.geometry node to get the curves out of those, make new area boudaries by curve

Will this work with linked Revit models?

i overlooked that :roll_eyes:

Something to try:

  1. Get the crop region for the view.
  2. Create a surface from that.
  3. Create a bounding box from that.
  4. Check if each wall in the selection intersects the bounding box.
  5. Filter the lists of walls and make area separation lines.

You may also want to filter walls by fire rating or type or other parameter (do you really want area separations around the closet in the unit?).

Thank you for your response! It is okay for the small closets to have the boundary lines on them. I can always delete those small areas. I had an idea of creating a surface at each level and checking for intersections but your method sounds like it could actually work. I know what I want to do but familiarity with some nodes isnโ€™t there yet.

Will it work for linked models?

I think so. Are you making them in the link or in the active document? Weโ€™d really need a dataset with the links set up correctly in order to test it out.

I am making them in the active document. I have the level specified and the view but it wants to take all walls in the whole model and place them on the current view.

@ryan.holmes, did you happen to come up with a solution for this?