Copy all mtext from a layer to a new layer

Thanks in advance for any help, I am new to Dynamo.
I am trying to setup a simple script to copy all mtext elements in a layer to a new layer and have it set behind the original mtext. (To create a automatic halo for the text, I know of and have used a few other scripts in the past to do this, thought it was be a nice thing to have in player being able to select the text layer).
See the screen shot for what I have set up, have I made it to complicated? And what is the best way to get the location for the new mtext elements?
I have found the location from the get parameter by name but get an error if I send this to the location to create the mtext

Thanks again

Hi @Justin_B and welcome!
The location parameter is in a format (Autodesk.AutoCAD.Geometry.Point3d) that out-ouf-the-box Dynamo nodes can’t use (as far as I know), so what I’ve done before is use string split using parenthesis and comma as separators, then reconstruct points using point.bycoordinates node. As an alternative, I also tried out using the basic autocad object copy node and seemed to work without the need of using the create mtext node. I’m not sure there is a draw order node but you can probably acomplish this using python or the normal way in C3D, I’d suggest using the LAYERORDER command. Hope this if this helps with you task.
Text-Halo v0.dyn (62.1 KB)

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Thank you, that is what I was hoping to achieve.