Convert to Independent View

Hey all! Does anyone know how to convert a dependent view to an independent view using Dynamo? I am not finding a node.

Maybe it is not an option in the API?

The “human” way to do it is simple right click a view and select “convert to independent view”

Seems crazy that it wouldn’t be accessible…


FYI… this is what I tried so far… Dependency is read-only…


Hey Jeffrey

Im no wizz at Dynamo by any stretch, but this should do the trick. I had the same situation last month and this was my solution.

There is most likely a more elegant (proper) way to do this, but this works fine for me. See attached file.

It picks up any dependent views (This can be changed to filter specific views or select just one) Duplicates that view with detailing (making it independent) then taking the name of the view it was copied from, deleting that old dependent view, then renaming the copied one to the same as the old one :slight_smile:

Not the exact process you were looking for i know, but it gives you the same outcome. I’ve not tested it extensively but has worked in the 4 files ive needed it in.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Create Independent Views_ABro

that “by Get all Views in Document” seems to be a bit glitchy. You can try using the “Get all Views” node from the Archi-Lab Grimshaw package instead (Although using this you need to delete it and re place the node if you have added new views etc (quite annoying)

That’s looking tough to achieve through the API. I am a python noob though. :slight_smile: Why not Duplicate with detailing?

I think it’s not possible via API.

Thanks for the replies… I reached out to Harry Mattison just to see if the API can do it and he says in the 2016 API there is a View.ConvertToIndependent Method .

ALISDER, thanks for the example… Unfortunately, I was trying to duplicate as dependent and then make independent in an effort to automate what Tim talks about here…

If you duplicate and then re-ducplicate, you lose the linework…

If it exists in the API as Harry mentioned I feel we deserve it in Dynamo! :wink:

Interesting… Where did you find that information?

Jeffrey, that did it! I will add this to Rhythm shortly.

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This will only work on Revit 2016 though. Where does everyone find the updated stuff for the Revit 2016 API??? I only know of and it is for Revit 2014

John, AWESOME!!!

Haha you will have to ask Harry Mattison where he gets his “insider knowledge”… When it comes to Revit API, I can barely make the hello world button…

Thank God for Dynamo…

To get to know what has been added or is in revit from a API point of view you need the relevant SDK for the revit version which can be found on the below website near the bottom of the webpage.