Convert rooms to mass: trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface dynamo

Hi everyone! I am converting rooms into masses using dynamo. After completing running, some masses have been created successfully but some failed. And there is a warning called trim_with_edge_loops requires all curves to touch surface dynamo. I found that the number of the output list is less than that of rooms defined. Is there something wrong? Here are the screenshots and dyn file. Thank you!

room_to_mass.dyn (240.4 KB) Warned element outputs Warning message

Maybe use the boundaries of the rooms that give you trouble like this one

If your room has a hole in it, it might fail.

Thank you for your reply Marcel, but sorry I don’t get it. What do you mean by using the boundaries? And do you mean that if there are holes in rooms it may fail?

I mean you can also create the mass from the boundaries, just make sure you close the loop, patch, and set a height.
A hole in the room means a loop of boundaries inside a loop of boundaries which may cause trouble.

Get it. Creating the mass from the boundaries just takes a lot of time as there are other floors. So I want to use dynamo to create them automatically.
The room you marked does has a hole inside it. But for those that don’t have holes, it still fails…Can you tell what may be the problems? Is this dynamo file ok?


I think the problem is the Dynamo version you’re using.

Now I have the most complex geometry (Dynamo vers. 2,3,0) without problems.
If possible, can you send us an example to test?
Here’s an example:


Hi Durmus, thanks for your reply. My version is 2.0.3, but I tested other models without problems. I am sorry the model is a confidential version, I cannot share it online. I have uploaded my dynamo file in the problem description. Could you tell if it is wrong?


I’ve reviewed your code and it works smoothly even in the most mixed forms. About that. Sharing your Dyn file makes it difficult for us to help you.

I ask you to upload some of the walls of your project into an empty file and share them with us.

Because Unfortunately, I can’t help you anymore.



It’s a good idea to try that, too.

Hi, I tried your suggested idea but the problem still remains. Here is the model. It exceeds the size limit so I uploaded it in google drive here. Could you run it and see what are the problems? Thank you!


There are 55 rooms processed in the file you send, which can be converted into “Solid”.